Ørsted’s inspiring journey of innovation and success

Ørsted, Denmark’s largest energy company, has been extending their global presence as they expand into wind farms. With over 5,600 employees, and numerous sites across Europe and Asia, Ørsted has been proudly moving from black to green energy.

To align with this sustainable strategy, and to keep up with their ever-increasing need for travel, Ørsted decided to implement new travel policies and systems to be smarter in the way they were managing travel, making sure that every one of their 3,500 business travelers would be safe and as comfortable as possible, while still allowing the company to be cost-conscious.

In doing so, Ørsted looked for an online travel booking tool and mobile app to intuitively provide their travelers with everything they would need to guide them on policy and price. They knew, however, that adopting a new system would only work if it could be seamlessly integrated into their existing systems.

Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense was their solution of choice, aligning with all of their travel policy priorities. And because Amadeus offered the promise of remaining agile and adaptable Ørsted’s was confident in our ability to keep up with the constantly evolving nature of their business.

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